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AHB Rechtsanwälte offers comprehensive advice to all industry sectors in all areas of Intellectual Property Rights, Information Technology and Telecommunications.

We provide services for transactions, represent clients at national and international authorities and organisations and litigate disputes.

Primary areas of practice include the following areas:

Unfair competition and trademark law
Advising on competition law we analyze acts of competitors of our clients on infringement of competition rules and repel unfair behaviour of competitors using the appropriate legal means. Furthermore, we render advice to companies and advertising agencies checking on the legality of prospective advertising campaigns.

In the area of trademark law we assist our clients in successfully selecting marks that are capable of protection under trademark law. We represent our clients at national and international authorities and organisations, such as the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO), the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). We represent clients in infringement proceedings, file for injunctive relief and information, and claim damages for our clients both in preliminary as well as in principal proceedings.

Antitrust and State Aid Law
Antitrust and State Aid Law is another primary area of expertise of AHB Rechtsanwälte. We advise on both EU and national Cartel and State Aid Law, including cartel investigations and merger control at national and EU level as well as on the grant of state aid, the abuse of market power and monopolies, cartel fining proceedings, the legality of horizontal and vertical agreements restricting competition, such as distribution, licensing and other cooperative agreements, trade regulation issues and competition issues specific to certain industry sectors.

Intellectual property/Information technology
With regard to intellectual property and information technology AHB Rechtsanwälte provides comprehensive legal services, including advice to transactions and on licensing agreements for all IP-related issues (patents, design rights, copyrights and data protection).

In the area of IT we advise on all issues in connection with software development, procurement and maintenance of infrastructure, outsourcing of IT and business processes, internet and electronic commerce. Moreover we routinely represent clients in litigations before state courts and in domain name dispute resolution proceedings under the ICANN Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.
Owing to our experience from multiple prominent transactions advice to clients in telecommunications law forms another important core area of expertise of AHB Rechtsanwälte.

  • Unfair Competition Law
  • Trademark Law
  • National and EU Antitrust and Cartel Law
  • Merger Control
  • EU State Aid Law
  • Information Technology
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Patents, Design Rights, Copyrights
  • Data Protection
  • Internet
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • Telecommunication Law