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Although sometimes time-consuming and costly ligitation in certain situations may be the only way of enforcing our clients' interests. Corporations in high stake disputes need skilled and experienced trial lawyers in cases in which other means have failed to achieve an economically sensible solution.

It has been shown that clear and unambiguous provisions in agreements lead to far less need for litigation procedures. Already in creating and negotiating agreements we therefore put great emphasis on the avoidance of potential for future conflicts. Should it prove however, that a dispute is inescapable our primary aim is to achieve the economic optimum for our clients.

In situations where an acceptable amicable settlement cannot be reached we are representing our clients in both litigation and arbitration proceedings with great resoluteness using all our personal power of persuasion, personal skills and resources.

Due to the boutique character of AHB Rechtsanwälte our clients are regularly not exposed to constraints arising from conflict of interests.

  • Prevention of disputes by means of clear documentation
  • Analysis of litigation risks
  • Amicable Settlements
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration